Willis plays guitar. He's a tangled pinger on a fretboard. Dan, a tinker, plays crooked bass. It's heavy, but it's lithe. Holly is the mountain stream that flows over Will's gravel. Leo Lion howls into the night with his Hamornica. Together, they make Crooked Weather, an earthy rascal of a band.

Our lino printed and stamped album cover, Long Garden, Crooked Weather



The Warren Fundraiser Event at Pave 26th July 2014: by Gina Robson

The sun was shining, the drinks were flowing and the music was thriving last Saturday at Pave on Princes Avenue. The bar’s beer garden was packed with locals as they came to help raise money and celebrate one of the…

Ace night, great job from the warren and pave, lucky to be a part of it :-) 

Whilst being in Cornwall we went to The Melting Pot Cafe, a wonderfully quirky cafe in Redruth. There was a small sing around, where we met the wonderful Sam Hill Jr. and a few men called Dave who sang equally excellent songs. 

Crooked Holiday part 1.

Gally Hill

There were 3 gates, past some horses, through long red grass. A little homestead on a hill. It was a dark Friday night and 11pm when we arrived, but it was immediately apparent that the little table and bench in the corner of the veranda would be my art atelier for the forthcoming week. 

It didn’t take little Tess to get used to Dan and Pips, so we hit the White Hart Folk club on the next night where she slept under the table, lulled to sleep by my Beeswing and Will’s Long Garden. We met a friendly chap there, a fellow young folkie whose name was either George or Harry; he couldn’t decide which..!

Tuesday and Roy came up to see us; we went to Little Beck wood and saw a juv. mistle thrush. Then it was First In Last Out folk night in Whitby, but the football was hard to drown out, and the green lights and red walls made me queasy.

Day in and day out I was cutting lino, rolling paint, and printing our album covers, whilst Will and Dan cut grass and tried to control the overgrown [though enchanting] ferns and bracken; it was very much a working holiday, but it was work that I enjoyed. I like lino printing, especially whilst overlooking the beautiful North York Moors. A blue tit visited the feeder - just a few feet away - regularly. A lot of tea was drunk, and I discovered the glory of hemp milk.

Robin Hoods Bay folk club was friday night and we met Pete there with Tom Mason, a fantastic American musician with good humour and a distaste for big hills. It was so lovely, and we went down spectacularly well! It still remains my favourite folk club. 

We’ll be home from North Cornwall tomorrow, but more of that later.. 


Yellow Warbler Bathing by shelshots on Flickr.

birds by spizzyfizz

Saturday {21st June} was a very busy day.

It was overall a very busy weekend.

My day started with Defence Lab Kids grading which I was taking photo’s for, which is why I’m so delayed in posting the band photos. It was energetic, a lot of runnining around and whatnot. Will picked me up, I had time for a slice of toast and then it was back out toKing George Docks centenary celebrations (inconveniently held at Alexandra Dock). We we’re headlining, though it was an afternoon family event full of funfair antics. We entered Boathouse number 3, a huge warehouse with no more than 60 people wandering around aimlessly in there; but the stage looked good and Ming City Rockers were about to start (…never expected to see them at a family event - no swearing allowed!).

We played, the sound was great, and we really enjoyed playing; it was like a big jam. 

It was home for a cup of tea and some pesto pasta before the Minerva gig. This was nice, a jam packed real ale festival; it was outside and reasonably warm! I was drinking Rare Earth :-) We stayed for a little of the headliner; an operatic singer who sings on cruise ships and  whatnot. An odd combination of music but oh well! 

Adelphi next; our friend Eddy Bewsher was putting on a 1967 style san francisco night with ex members of Country Joe and the Fish, Blues Project and Steve Miller Band. The guitar player from Big Brother and the Holding Company joined them with a young woman called Bex Marshall joined them, who sang like Janis Joplin. It was insane! 

We slept very well that night.

Sunday wasn’t quite as busy.

It was Beverley Folk Festival. We were playing a little set (that was recorded) for these little sessions in the racecourse building; Will’s nieces came to watch and so Ellie taught me a little on the ukulele on the balcony. It was an odd lineup consisting of Will, Danny, me, Roy, Dan Spooner playing a drum kit with his fingers and Dogfinger Steve on his cigar box guitar! Pete got held up playing percussion for Tom Mason who’s over from America at the minute… Yssi Wombwell and Dan Spooner played a beautiful set after us, as did Katie Spencer.

We finished the evening on the Westwood, a little jam and winding down before heading home a trying these exotic teas that Dan had bought; mine was an almond milk chai latte; bloody lovely.